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Sports injury prevention: Mission possible!


The May edition of BJSM is devoted to highlighting Norwegian research in sports and exercise medicine. The issue contains 10 articles on a broad range of topics, including sports cardiology, women’s health, paediatric ACL injuries and sports injury prevention.


The lead article of the Norwegian-themed edition of British Journal of Sports Medicine was the long-term success story of ACL injury prevention in elite women’s handball, by Grethe Myklebust, Arnhild Skjølberg and Roald Bahr.



- This was a perfect article to showcase the Norwegian research milieu, say guest editors and OSTRC members Hilde Moseby Berge and Ben Clarsen,



- and it shows that with a long-term, systematic approach and hard work we can achieve great results!


The Norwegian Association of Sports Medicine and Physical Activity (NIMF) and the Norwegian Sports Physiotherapy Association (FFI) have recently become member associations of BJSM, and one of the benefits of this partnership is an annual Norwegian-themed edition.


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