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Information about project titled 'Associations Between Health Problems and Athlete Burnout in Adolescent Elite Athletes'

Associations Between Health Problems and Athlete Burnout in Adolescent Elite Athletes

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Project status: Published
Project manager: Nils Fredrik Holm Moseid
Supervisor(s): Roald Bahr, Nicolas Lemyre, Glyn Caerwyn Roberts
Coworker(s): Stian Bahr Sandmo, Christine Holm Moseid


Introduction: This is a follow-up of the project "The Young Athlete's Health", a study on health problems in first-year students at Elite Sport High Schools. At the time of admission, the students are considered possible senior elite athletes, and they follow a regular high-school education while doing elite level sports. The current project collects data from the students last two years in high school, and the first year after high school.

: During adolescence, many athletes quit sport, so also in the elite group. Dropout has been studied in children, and burnout in adults, but data on young elite athletes is sparse. The athletes in the study group follow a regular high school program in parallel with their commitment to elite sports. This project seeks to elucidate how injury and illness affect motivation and dropout rates.

: Web-based questionnaires and personal interview. The personal interview includes a retrospective registration of health complaints covering the last two years. Web-based questionnaires will be distributed spring 2017 and spring 2018. Questionnaires include the Athletic Burnout Questionnaire and the Sports Motivation Scale.

Knowledge on this topic will hopefully help us prevent loss of motivation and dropout from sports in in ill and injured athletes.