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Information about project titled 'Correlation between lower extremity kinetics and kinematics in drop jumps and sidestep cutting'

Correlation between lower extremity kinetics and kinematics in drop jumps and sidestep cutting

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Project status: Published
Project manager: Eirik Kristianslund
Supervisor(s): Tron Krosshaug
Coworker(s): Kathrin Steffen, Agnethe Nilstad, Grethe Myklebust, Roald Bahr


Drop jumps is a widely used clinical test to assess the risk of lower extremity injury. Nevertheless, we know that most ACL-injuries happen with a single weightbearing leg, typically in cutting movements.

The goal of this project is to investigate whether there is correlation between how team handball players move in drop jumps and cutting manoeuvres. This is an assumption when we use the drop jumps as a clinical test, as most injuries occur in the single-leg situations.


Methods: We use data collected from a prospective cohort study initiated to determine risk factors for anterior cruciate ligament injuries (ACL risk factor study). This study includes the entire elite series in female team handball. The first round of testing was conducted in 2007. Drop jumps and cutting manoeuvres where examined with standard 3D motion analysis in our biomechanics lab.


Results from this study will contribute to evalute the clinical value of the drop jump test to identy athletes with poor hip- and knee control.