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Information about project titled 'Cutting technique as a predictor of knee valgus moment'

Cutting technique as a predictor of knee valgus moment

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Project status: Published
Project manager: Eirik Kristianslund
Supervisor(s): Tron Krosshaug
Coworker(s): Kathrin Steffen, Agnethe Nilstad, Grethe Myklebust, Hideyuki Koga, Oliver Faul, Roald Bahr


ACL-injuries is a serious problem in female team handball. However, previous studies have shown that these can be prevented. Change of cutting and jumping technique is important parts of the most effective programs, but we are not sure what techniques is associated with the lowest risk of injury and strain on the knee.

The aim of this project is to identify cutting techniques that lead to a high load of knee joint, through linking technique factors and knee valgus moments.



We use data from a prospective cohort study initiated to determine risk factors for ACL- injuries (ACL risk factor study). The study includes the entire elite series in female team handball, and the first round of testing was conducted in 2007. Testing included 3D motion analysis of a cutting motion. We will investigate the effect of different biomechanical variables - such as approach speed, foot position, upper body movement and direction of change - on knee valgus moments.

This study could have implications for the development of more effective prevention programs for ACL-injuries.