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Information about project titled 'Injuries among competitive snowboarders at the national elite level'

Injuries among competitive snowboarders at the national elite level

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Project status: Published
Project manager: Jørn Torjussen
Supervisor(s): Roald Bahr


Introduction: Over the last years the snowboard sport has made great progress as an alternative winter-activity compared to traditional skiing. The season 1999-2000 the snowboard-dealers sold almost 70 000 snowboards in Norway, and the total amount of snowboarders estimated from sales-figures is 200 000. Roughly 4000 snowboarders are members of the Norwegian Snowboard Federation NSBF, and 279 riders have license to take part into the closed top-level named Norwegian Cup and National Championships. The official disciplines are Halfpipe, Snowboardcross, Alpine disciplines and Big Jump.

The intention of the project is to describe the injury pattern of the National top-level competition riders. Then, suggestions on how to increase security and how to reduce number of injuries will be considered.

A registration carried out the season 2000-2001 at 8 competitions where 765 riders took part, showed that a total of 11 injuries occurred. 10 had to be examined and treated at a hospital.


Material and method: Registration at the official NSBF Norwegian Cup competitions and National Championships season 2001-2002 have ambitions to include the disciplines; Halfpipe, Snowboardcross, Alpine disciplines and Big Jump. The number of injuries will be related to number of runs in order to calculate the risk of getting an injury. The registration will be carried out by the medical personnel present, primary the physician. Ski patrol, technical personnel and other medical personnel present will assist and carry out the registration if necessary. A questionnaire is carried out during the National Championships 2002 among all participants in all disciplines. The data will be used for a retrospective analysis of the injury-pattern for the season.