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Information about project titled 'Injury and illness surveillance in the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Team'

Injury and illness surveillance in the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Team

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Project status: Published
Project manager: Ben Clarsen
Supervisor(s): Roald Bahr, Grethe Myklebust
Coworker(s): Tonje Wåle Flørenes, Ola Rønsen


Despite a growing body of literature on illness and injury among Olympic athletes during the actual competition period, there is no information on the health problems they experience in the preparation phase prior to the Olympic Games. Illness and injury in this period can seriously affect athletes’ chances of qualification and their subsequent success at the games.



- To establish a system of illness and injury surveillance for Norwegian Olympic candidates that ensures rapid follow-up from their medical team, and collects data on this group to help develop prevention strategies.



We have developed a new method of monitoring overuse problems in sport that has been adapted to include all types of injury and illness problems. One hundred and forty-two Norwegian candidates for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games were monitored for 40 weeks prior to the start of the championships, and all illnesses and physical complaints were recorded during this period.

This project will lead to new information on the type and severity of illnesses and injuries affecting Olympic and Paralympic athletes. It will also show how direct athlete reporting using online questionnaires can act as an effective strategy to monitor the health status of elite athletes.