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Information about project titled 'Injury rate and pattern in FIS WC snowboard'

Injury rate and pattern in FIS WC snowboard

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Project status: Published
Project manager: Daniel Major
Supervisor(s): Tone Bere, Lars Nordsletten, Sophie Steenstrup
Coworker(s): Roald Bahr



There is limited knowledge about injury rate and injury pattern in the different FIS WC snowboard disciplines and no study has calculated the exposure precisely.


Aim: Examine the injury rate and injury pattern in FIS WC snowboard for men and women.



Retrospective interviews were performed at the end of each season in the period 2007-2012. We recorded the injuries that happened during the competitive season through the FIS Injury Surveillance System through a standardized interview form and an injury form if the athlete reported an injury.

If the athletes were not present the trainer or medical personnel were interviewed. We calculated exposure manually for every interviewed athlete by downloading result lists for FIS’ official website and counted every started run for each athlete for every WC competition during the 6 seasons.



This study will provide important information on injury risk and injury pattern in different snowboard WC disciplines, which can help researchers to develop methods to prevent injuries.