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Information about project titled 'Prevalence of low back pain in elite female football players'

Prevalence of low back pain in elite female football players

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Project status: Published
Supervisor(s): Grethe Myklebust, Agnethe Nilstad
Coworker(s): Roald Bahr


Low back pain is found to be a common problem among elite athletes in endurance sports such as cross country skiing, rowing and orienteering. However, there are no studies documenting the extent of low back pain in football players, and how the problem affects participation in training and matches.


The objective of this study is therefore to assess the prevalence of low back pain in Norwegian elite female football players.



This cross sectional study is part of a larger cohort study investigating risk factors for anterior cruciate ligament injuries in elite female football players (ACL risk factor study). All teams in the Norwegian Toppserien (N=12) participated in screening tests at The Norwegian School of Sports Sciences in February/March 2009. All players (n=194) completed a standardized questionnaire with questions related to previous and present low back pain, and the influence on daily life and sports participation.


This study will represent an important contribution to the documentation of low back pain in elite football players. The next step will be an assessment of potential risk factors, which will lead to the possibility of implementing preventive strategies.