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Information about project titled 'Relationship between objectively measured valgus moments in drop jumps and static and dynamic balance'

Relationship between objectively measured valgus moments in drop jumps and static and dynamic balance

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Project status: Ongoing
Project manager: Aleksander Killingmo
Supervisor(s): Agnethe Nilstad, Tron Krosshaug
Coworker(s): Eirik Kristianslund, Kathrin Steffen, Oliver Faul


There is observed a high number of ACL injuries in female athletes, and these injuries are severe in respect of recurrent injuries, development of osteoarthritis and economical costs. The high prevalence of ACL injuries in specifically team ball sports is makes injury prevention highly advisable.

ACL risk factors and injury mechanisms are most likely multifactorial, including both intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors. There are many potential explanations for high valgus moments in cutting and landing, and poor balance may be a contributional factor. However, high valgus moments are well established as a risk factor for ACL injury. Few studies have investigated balance as a determinant for ACL injury and no studies have investigated the possible relationship between balance test scores and valgus moments in the knee. To analyse knee kinematics and moments precisely, a 3D motion analysis is the best available method.



To investigate if there is a correlation between different balance test variables and valgus moments during drop jumps in Norwegian elite female team handball and football players. 



Data in this experimental study is retrieved from a greater prospective study which is investigating risk factors for non-contact ACL injuries.

This study will investigate the correlation between dynamic and static balance and valgus moments calculated from three-dimensional motion analysis of drop jumps. The subjects participating in this study are female elite league players from team handball and football from June 2007 to June 2010.