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Information about project titled 'Return to sport and knee function in the Norwegian Knee Ligament Registry'

Return to sport and knee function in the Norwegian Knee Ligament Registry

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Project status: Ongoing
Project manager: Hege Grindem
Coworker(s): Andreas Persson, Grethe Myklebust, Lars Engebretsen


Background: A wish to return to sport is the primary clinical indication for reconstruction of a torn anterior cruciate ligament. The proportion of Norwegian basketball, handball and soccer players who return to sport after surgical reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament is not known.

Aims: To describe return to sport and knee function in Norwegian basketball, handball, and soccer players who have had anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.

Methods: We will include athletes aged 16-40 years who are registered in the national knee ligament registry. One to three years after surgery, the included participants will answer a questionnaire about sports participation, knee function, mental aspects of return to sport, and details about their rehabilitation after surgery.

Implications: This project will provide knowledge about the expected outcomes in terms of sports participation in a nationally representative sample of pivoting sport athletes who undergo anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.