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Information about project titled 'Video analysis of events leading up to ACL injuries in World Cup alpine skiing'

Video analysis of events leading up to ACL injuries in World Cup alpine skiing

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Project status: Published
Project manager: Tone Bere
Supervisor(s): Lars Nordsletten, Roald Bahr
Coworker(s): Tron Krosshaug, Tonje Wåle Flørenes


The International Ski Federation (FIS) Injury Surveillance System (ISS) has reported that one in three World Cup (WC) alpine skiers sustain an injury per season. Over 30% of the injuries are serious injuries leading to long term absence from training and competition. Knee injuries is the main problem, and the most frequent type of injury is injured anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). We have limited insight into the mechanisms of ACL injuries in alpine skiing, particularly among professional ski racers.


The objective is to describe events leading up to ACL injury situations in WC alpine skiing.



Twenty cases of ACL injuries reported through the FIS ISS for three consecutive World Cup seasons (2006-09) were obtained on video. Six international WC coaches performed visual analyses of each case to describe the skiing situation prior to the injury, including an evaluation of the skier technique, strategy, equipment, speed and course setting, visibility, snow and piste conditions. The coaches preformed the analyses individually and independently.


Results from these analyses will provide a more complete understanding on why and how the ACL injuries occur in World Cup alpine skiing. This is essential knowledge to reduce the risk of injury and improve skiing safety among the athletes.