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Guri Ranum Ekås




Guri Ekås is an orthopedic surgeon and sports physician specializing in knee injuries. She combines clinical and academic work, with a focus on ACL injuries, particularly in the pediatric population.

On the 5th of March 2020, Guri defended her PhD thesis; "Pediatric Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries – management, treatment rationale and long-term outcomes", at Oslo University Hospital. As part of this project, she has conducted clinical, functional and radiological follow-up of 50 young adults who have sustained an ACL injury during childhood.

She participated in the recent 2018 IOC Consensus meeting on the management of pediatric ACL injuries and contributed to the IOC consensus statement following this meeting. Guri has also been working on a systematic review on new meniscal injuries after ACL injury.

Furthermore, Guri has been involved in sports medicine since 2010, working as a team physician for soccer, cycling and skiing. Since 2015 she has been team physician for the national ski jumping teams in Norway.

She is an assistant professor and consultant at the Knee unit, Orthopedic department at Akershus University Hospital.