The aim of the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center is to prevent injuries and other health problems in sports through research on risk factors, injury mechanisms, and prevention methods, with a particular focus on football, team handball, and alpine skiing/snowboarding.

Functional movement screening of athletes - the 9+ battery little is stable to detect changes over time

A recently published study of 220 male professional football players in Qatar revealed that there is substantial variability in a widely used screening test, the Nine-plus screening battery (9+) test between two consecutive seasons, irrespective of injury and severity.


No negative effects reported on cartilage lesions 5–9 years after ACL reconstruction

The results from a recently published study on the mid- to long-term outcome after ACL-reconstruction questions the understanding that patients with a concomitant cartilage lesion do not recover to the same extent as patients with an isolated ACL-tear.