The target audience for this paper is everyone involved in protecting the health of the athlete, including coaches, referees, medical staff, sports governing bodies, as well as athletes themselves.


Approaches that have been shown to be successful in injury prevention include:


(1) Using equipment designed to reduce injury risk


(2) Adopting the rules of play


(3) Specific exercise programs developed to reduce injury risk


Authors of this paper were Kathrin Steffen, Thor Einar Andersen, Tron Krosshaug, Grethe Myklebust and Roald Bahr, all from the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center, as well as Evert Verhagen and Willem van Mechelen from the VU Medical Centre and EMGO Insitute, Amsterdam.


Read the paper in the European Journal of Sport Science.





DOWNLOAD: "Prevention of ACL injuries" and "The 11+" (examples of posters on warm-up programs to reduce lower extremity injuries with a focus on balance, plyometric, strength, and technique training)



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