Onsdag 22 juni, 2005

Holmenkollen Park Hotell, Oslo





Chair of the seminar:



Henning Langberg, Phd., PT, MSc
Associate Professor at the Institute of Sports Medicine in Copenhagen, Denmark.Responsible for the research on adaptation of connectivetissue to exercise and loading anddid his doctoral thesis on the metabolic and vascular responds of the human Achilles tendon to loading at the Institute of Sports Medicine Copenhagen.He was the first to receive the International Award in Sports Physiotherapy (IFSP-HvU Prize 2001) and is as a clinician involved in the Danish national team of triathlon. He has been a member of the Danish Board of Sports Physical Therapy and is currently a board member of several Journals on Physical Therapy, Sports and Science. He is a highly used lecturer internationally and has published over 55 articles and book chapters on sports physical therapy, basic science and related areas.




The speakers:



Laetitia Dekker-Bakker, PT, MSM
BSc in Physiotherapy 1977.Private Practitioner in (Sports) Physiotherapy in the  Netherlands since 1977.MSc  in Strategic Management in the non-profit sector, 1995
Management Consultant in Health Care, Sports and Education since 1995
President of the International Federation of Sports Physiotherapy since 2000
Project manager for Sports Physiotherapy for All project from 2004-2007, funded by the Leonardo da Vinci Programme of the EU.





Cathy Bulley,(Hons), PhD, MCSP
Currently a part-time researcher at the SPA project and a part-time lecturer at OMUC on research design andapplied exercise science.
Her research interests are lymphoedema and measurement and intervention, physical activity and exercise behaviour changeand psychosocial wellbeing.






Michael Voight, DHSc, PT, OCS, SCS, ATC
Professor Belmont University, School of Physical Therapy, Nashville, Tennessee, USA
President of the Sports Physical Therapy Section (SPTS) of APTA

One of the United States first board certified clinical specialists in sports physical therapy. He has received a board certification of advanced clinical competence in orthopaedic physical therapy and is also recognized as a certified athletic trainer and a strength and conditioning specialist. 




Mario Bizzini,  BSc, PT, MSc in Musculoskeletal Orthopaedics/Sports Physiotherapy
Working in the Research Department of the Schulthess Clinic in Zürich.


His major projects focus on functional assessment after knee and hip surgery
Within the SPA (Sports Physiotherapy for All) Project, he is involved as a member of the expert group, Rehabilitation consultant for the Kloten Flyers, a professional ice hockey team.
Collaborates with the F-MARC FIFA Medical Research Centre  in the development of an injury prevention programme for football.




Founding committee member of theSwiss Sports Physiotherapy Association.
Member of the medical team of the Track & Field Meeting "Weltklasse Zürich"
Special interest in the knee joint and sensorimotor rehabilitation in orthopaedics and sports medicine.





Erik Witvrouw, PT, PhD, RPT
Erik Witvrouw graduated in 1998 as doctor in Physical Therapy.From 1999 he is assistant Professor at the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences & Physiotherapy at the Ghent University inBelgium.Head of the Physiotherapy Department of the Sports Rehabilitation Centre of the University Hospital, Ghent.His main research area is sports medicine, and more specific rehabilitation of knee injuries. He has more than 80 national and international publication and won several scientific awards in this research area. 





Grethe Myklebust, PT,PhD
She is a postdoc fellow at the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center.
Authorized as Specialist in Sports Physiotherapy by the Norwegian Physiotherapy Federation and as Sports Medicine Physical Therapist by the Norwegian Society of Sports Physiotherapy.


She serves as team physical therapist for the national teams in beach volleyball.
Earlier served as team PT for the female national teams in team handball and soccer for ten years. She has also worked as PT at the Olympic games in Seoul in 1988 and Sydney in 2000. Past Vice President of the Norwegian Society of Sports Physiotherapy.
Her main research area is related to team handball and soccer injuries, especially knee injuries and injury prevention.





Peter McNair, PT, PhD
Director of the Physical Rehabilitation Research Centre
Professor of Physiotherapy at the Auckland University of Technology. He is on the Editorial Board of three international journals.
Peter has published and presented extensively, with research interests that are focused on the biomechanics of lower limb pathologies.

His most recent work has involved studies of muscle extensibility and strength, with the aim of producing more efficacious prescriptions for rehabilitation.






Kari Bø, PT, Msci, PhD
Professor atthe Department of Sports Medicine at the University of Sport and Physical Education, Oslo, Norway
Vice president of the Norwegian Association of Sports Physiotherapists. Vice-chairman of the National Council on Nutrition and Physical Activity.


Her main research area is pelvic floor dysfunction, urinary incontinence, low back pain, physical activity and womens health. Member of WCPTs expert group on evidence based practice.

She is a popular reviewer and on the Editorial Board of different international journals.





Hans Lund, PT, PhD
Since 1998 worked as a researcher at The Parker Institute, Frederiksberg Hospitals Research Unit in Rheumatology, Denmark.

His research is dealing with exercise and aquatic exercise for rheumatic patients and proprioception and for patients with knee osteoarthritis.

He is the co-editor of Klinisk Reumatologi for Ergoterapeuter og Fysioterapeuter, and chairman for Danish Society for Research in Physiotherapy.
Hans Lund has many years of experience in teaching and supervision, and has initiated courses in evidence-based physiotherapy, statistics, case reports and measurement in physiotherapy.





May Arna Risberg, PT, PhD
Senior Researcher at Center for Clinical Research at Ullevaal University Hospital, Oslo, Norway
Research Director of  NAR/Orthopedic Center, Ullevaal University Hospital.

She completed her PhD in 1999 on rehabilitation after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. She has many years of research experience in the areas of sport medicine and physical therapy and musculoskeletal health.





Mark S. DeCarlo, MHA, PT, SCS, ATC
Chief Operating Officer at Methodist Sports Medicine Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.
BSc in Secondary Education/Athletic Training from West Virginia University.
MSc in Physical Therapy from the University ofIndianapolis Krannert School of Physical Therapy.

Certified as a Sports Clinical Specialist and has completed a Master of Science degree in Health Administration.
Recently completed his tenure as president of the Sports Physical Therapy Section of the American Physical Therapy Association.

He currently serves as treasurer of the International Federation of Sports Physiotherapy and of the Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy, Inc. Board of Directors.





Dr. Heather McKay,
Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Departments of Orthopaedics and Family Practice, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

Co-author of the book Physical Activity and Bone Health. She has published over 60 manuscripts in scientific journals on the role of exercise and other lifestyle factors for child and older adult health. She has recently initiated Action Schools! BC which is a multidisciplinary multisectoral program of physical activity and healthy eating in elementary schools. This is part of a shift in elementary school culture towards increased physical activity. The program targets cardiovascular health, bone health, obesity, psychosocial health and academic performance outcomes. Dr McKay is a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Senior Scholar and aPeter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies Career Scholar.






09.00am - 09.30am               

IFSP and the impact of the SPA (Sport Physiotherapy for All) project for sports physiotherapists world wide Laetitia Dekker-Bakker and Cathy Bulley 


09.30am - 10.15am              
The science of hip rehabilitation following arthroscopy Michael Voight


10.15am - 10.45am              
Rehabilitation of femoro-acetabular impingement Mario Bizzini


10.45am - 11.00am              
Coffee break


11.00am - 11.45am  (parallel sessions) 
Optimal rehabilitation of athletes with anterior knee pain Erik Witvrouw
Why is prevention of ACL-injuries necessary? What are the consequences?Grethe Myklebust


11.45am - 12.45pm             


12.45pm - 01.30pm (parallel sessions)
To stretch or not to stretch in rehabilitation? Peter McNair 
The Female Athlete and pelvic floor dysfunction, Kari Bø


01.30pm - 02.15pm              
Patients with knee osteoarthritis. How do we best rehabilitate them?  Hans Lund


02.15pm - 02.30pm               
Coffee break


02.30pm - 03.15pm               
Clinical and biomechanical changes in knee function following ACL injury and rehabilitation  May Arna Risberg


03.15pm - 04.00pm              
The science of ACL rehabilitation the accelerated program experience  Mark DeCarlo


04.00pm - 04.15pm               
Coffee break


04.15pm - 05.00pm               
Preventing osteoporotic fracture: a lifespan approach and the role of physical activity Heather McKay 


05.00pm - 05.30pm               
Discussion and closing